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If you are interested in becoming a driver or aide, please download the job application here or apply online.


About Us

Hopewell Services has been a student transportation company since 2011, serving the special needs population from many local school districts in the Chicagoland area. The owners and management team at Hopewell Services have many years of experience working in education. Based upon this experience, Hopewell Services developed a transportation company that better serves the needs of students, parents, and schools by offering flexibility and specializing in effective communication. Through our exclusive use of minivans and small buses, we are better suited to accommodate special needs students by offering routing flexibility with shorter notice, cost savings to each district, and a safe and comfortable riding experience for each student.  Hopewell Services recognizes that consistency is an important element of providing quality transportation services for special education students.  Through our driver retention program we are able to provide consistent drivers on our routes. Our program includes driver signing bonuses, guaranteed hours, periodic raises, and competitive benefits.  We have worked hard to encourage a positive atmosphere through new hire orientation which includes sharing our company’s story and the larger goal of helping students. We place a high value on employee recognition which we feel encourages a positive company culture and leads to improved morale and performance.

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