Before driving for Hopewell Services all drivers must obtain a school bus permit from the Illinois Secretary of State.

A school bus permit is required for any individual planning to transport school children grade 12 or below for a public, private or religious school.

Duties and Responsibilities of Drivers and Aides

There are many very important duties and responsibilities that you have as a driver and aide. Students and their parents/guardians, as well as school personnel count on you to be polite, courteous, and on time. They expect that you will get the students to and from school safely and supervise them well.

You are also expected to follow the established rules, guidelines, policies, procedures, and practices of the state of Illinois and our transportation office. It is expected that you will be courteous and respectful to your supervisors, facility employees, coworkers, students, school staff and community members.


Applicants for the school bus permit must:Other Qualifications:Hiring Process:Probationary Status:
Annual Physical Exams (Drivers):Drug and Alcohol Testing:Blood Borne Pathogen Training:Accidents: