Our Drivers

All Hopewell drivers are certified with a passenger endorsed license. Drivers must pass several tests to qualify.

Driver Certification Process:

1. Physical
a. Complete physical
b. Tuberculosis test
c. Drug test

2. Background Check

3. Initial Bus Safety Class
a. An eight-hour class on the Rules of the Road for bus driving

4. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
a. 20 question multiple choice test
b. Driving test
i. You will take this test in a Hopewell van
ii. note:  you will not be a certified CDL Bus Driver. Your license will be changed to a passenger endorsed license.

Our Drivers are:

  • Highly-qualified individuals with outstanding character and integrity.
  • Trained by therapeutic professionals in addition to traditional safety policies and procedures.
  • Certified from the Safe Ride Section of the Illinois Secretary of State.
  • Background-checked by the Illinois State Police.
  • Certified through annual physicals to be in good health and free from communicable diseases.
  • Drug-tested annually.
  • Retrained annually through the Illinois Secretary of State.
  • English-speaking adults over the age of 21.
  • Well-groomed individuals who wear Hopewell identification badges at all times.