Supervisory Management Team

William McDermott, Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer.

Will McDermott has been the Principal of Hopewell Academies since August of 2007 and Owner of Hopewell Services since its inception in 2011. Mr. McDermott has been an educator since 2003. He received his Bachelor of Art in Special Education at Loras College in 2002 and received his Master’s in Education from Purdue University with a Special Populations emphasis in 2005. He received his Type 75 certificate at Lewis University in 2011. Mr. McDermott is an expert in best practices when working with special needs students especially in the vocational and transition areas. His expertise has enabled Hopewell Services’ driver to receive specialized training in working with special needs students.

Chad Kollross, Co-Owner.

Chad Kollross has been the Administrator of Hopewell Academies since January 2005 and Owner of Hopewell Services since its inception in 2011. He has been a school administrator since 1998. Mr. Kollross graduated from Northern Illinois University School of Business in 1989 and from the NIU College of Law in 1992. He received his Master’s in Education Administration from St. Xavier University in 1998 and his Superintendent’s Endorsement from Lewis University in 2006. Mr. Kollross has utilized his expertise as an attorney and educator to ensure that the schools and transportation companies remain compliant with regulations while still providing the best service possible to meet the needs of students.

 Charles Kollross, Data Manager.

Charles Kollross is a retired principal from Joliet District 86 and was a school administrator with over 40 years of experience. He has been with Hopewell Transportation since its inception in 2011. His many years of experience in education have provided valuable supervision and support to our organization. Mr. Kollross received his Bachelors in Education from Southern Illinois University and his Master’s in Education from Northern Illinois University. His vast knowledge of student-related issues has enabled Hopewell to be a student-centered transportation company that collaborates effectively with school districts and parents. On a daily basis, few issues arise that Mr. Kollross has not encountered in the past. His expertise and problem solving skills are an invaluable resource for training other staff members and for planning for a more effective and efficient transportation company.

Erin Sharkey, Business Manager.

Erin Sharkey has served as the Business Manager since Hopewell Services opened in 2011. Ms. Sharkey received her Bachelor’s in Business from St. Xavier in 2008 and her Master’s in Business Administration from Governor’s State University in 2012. Erin’s experience in the transportation industry and background in business administration ensures Hopewell Services provides the highest level of customer service to the districts they serve.

Kathryn Korepanow, Operations Manager.

Kathryn Korepanow manages the day-to- day operations of Hopewell Services and is the supervisor of the dispatch staff. A former executive assistant, Kathryn began working for Hopewell Services as a driver in 2011 and has been working on the management team since 2012. Her knowledge of the Chicagoland area and excellent communication and organizational skills ensure the smooth delivery of service.

William Maish, Director of Maintenance.

William Maish manages the day-to-day maintenance of all of the vehicles in the Hopewell Services fleet. His many years of experience at Commonwealth Edison in their electrical and maintenance department prepared him to manage the fleet with exceptional attention to detail. The excellent vehicle maintenance records kept by Mr. Maish enable our maintenance staff to address any issues in a timely manner without affecting the daily usage of the fleet.

Margaret Garrett, Safety/HR Director

Margo brought her many years of experience in the school transportation industry to Hopewell and developed a comprehensive safety and monitoring program. She oversees all aspects of the hiring process and employment training.